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hunt the karoo

a karoo hunt is a very unique experience.

due to the vastness of the area, tracking is not recommended. most of the hunts at klipfontein hunting lodge is a type of driven hunt or shooting from the vehicles. this is all dependent on the size of the hunting party and the needs of our hunters.


our aim is ensure all our hunters have the best chance of success in the field and a memorable and enjoyable hunting experience.

all our hunters will be accompanied by basil, our ph and fanie, our right hand man. safety in the field is of utmost importance, thus the need to have these experienced hunters with at all times.

hunters are taken to and from the field with toyota land cruiser pick-ups. our team of spotters will also assist in the field and we have an experienced team to skin and work the days meat when we get back to the lodge. 

game species on the farm



fallow deer

black wildebeest 

red hartebeest  

mountain reedbuck

vaal rhebuck  




all species subject to availability

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